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Tania Walker is an emerging author of fantasy, science fiction and post-apocalyptic speculative fiction. She lives in Tasmania with her husband and a small black cat, her only concession to the fact that at any other time in history she would have been burned at the stake by now. Writing for young adults is her favourite: it’s pure storytelling minus the boring adult nonsense.

Her short fiction has been published in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine and in audio form at Podcastle, won the Helen Hodgman Creative Writing Prize, and received an honourable mention in the Writers of the Future awards. She has a Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing, and a B Arts in English specialising in Creative Writing.

Read or listen to Tania’s short story, Lapis Lazuli, here.

Tania’s post-apocalyptic YA novel, The Blade and the Bow, won the inaugural Erica Bell Mentorship Award and a Gerlach Grant. She is seeking representation for the finished manuscript, which was rewritten and edited with the assistance of bestselling fantasy author Lian Tanner and editor Matt Turano.

The Blade and the Bow

(YA post-apocalyptic fiction; near-future tech; Australian setting. 105,000 words.)

Centuries after a catastrophic ice age reshaped the world, the remnants of humankind live cloistered in a crumbling high-tech shelter deep within the Jenolan Caves, locked into a breeding program that has become more religion than science. When Tag Tailor and her sister Sale rebel against their Keepers, Tag is banished to the frozen wastes above, where she discovers her people aren’t alone. To free Sale from Jenolan, Tag must find a lost Key – but she’s not the only one searching for it, and others hold far more sinister motivations. Saving Sale means exposing something dangerous, something that ought to remain hidden…