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Village Pillage

Posted on Apr 23, 2018 by in Portfolio | 0 comments

Art Direction, Illustration, Design: Village Pillage card game


Client: Jellybean Games

Brief: Art direct, illustrate and design the fast-paced competitive simultaneous-play card game, Village Pillage.

This was a mammoth project – roughly thirty individual character cards plus rulebook design, box design, and the need to develop a system of iconography that would be quick to learn and ‘read’ at-a-glance. Finding the balance between what should be represented by icons and what info should be spelled out in text was a big part of the challenge of this game, and then there was the matter of using turnips as currency, a risky move that ultimately paid off by giving the game a fun point of difference. The above are just a few of the cards and overall work I created for Village Pillage.

Digital: Procreate (sketches), Adobe Photoshop (colours, finishing effects), Adobe Illustrator (iconography, design), Adobe InDesign (design, layout, compositing)